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Group Travel

It's an unfair reality that modern living requires that many of us live thousands of miles from those we love most in the world. Rather than using vacation days to coordinate everyone coming 'home', why not use your vacation days to vacation together? With my suppport, group travel is coordinated, stress-free, and best of all, I act as a mediator to make sure everyone's wishes and preferences are heard and taken into consideration. 

The best way to stop saying, "We should do that someday!" is to get the ball rolling with a little (okay, a lot) of support from someone who will invest themselves in everyone's happiness equally. 



PRICING: Group Travel Coordination Fee $250

Seamless. Stress-free. Expert Travel Planning.

Empowered, confident travelers

Customized European Itinerary

Vacationing in Europe is a dream for many people, but the logistics of putting together flights, transfers, train tickets, excursions, cooking classes, and your hotels can lead to overwhelm that prevents many people from ever getting on the plane. Allow me to come alongside you in the process of making your European dreams come to life. From Ireland to Italy, Paris to Prague, there are memories waiting for you to create them in Europe.



PRICING: Custom European Itinerary $175

Get ready, Get set. Go.

Fun & Sun Vacation

Everyone needs a tropical getaway from time to time. Whether that's a resort in the Caribbean, a cruise, or Hawaii, a few days on a beach are a necessary part of a balanced life. Some resorts are great for 'partying' and getting wild while some are great for resting and reconnecting with your loved ones. With "Fun & Sun" vacations, I come alongside you to help you match yourself with the correct destination and resort for your travels. It's hard to trust reviews, and you deserve to get this right. 




PRICING: Tropical travel fee: $125

Dylan & Kylee

"Leslie helped my wife and I with our dream vacation in New Zealand. She communicated with us through every step of the way and went above and beyond her job."


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