The 5 People Who Need a Travel Agent (And the 2 Who Don't)

1. Anyone planning group travel

   Group travel can be complicated! Beyond just the logistics of piecing together everyone’s flights, accommodations, excursions, and transfers, the person in charge of planning a group trip must also be able to manage people’s feelings, expectations, opinions, and preferences. This is not an easy task to navigate when emotions and multiple relationships are involved! A travel agent offers an expert voice on the logistics, and a neutral voice when navigating the various dynamic opinions among groups of travelers.

2. Anyone planning a Destination Wedding

    Destination weddings are often considered the “easy” way to get married - which is mostly true! Still, there is a lot of planning to do for a bride arranging a destination wedding. How will your pictures be taken? How do you get a marriage license in another country? What kind of reception do you want to have? How do you transport your dress? Etc etc. (Travel agents help connect you with the best wedding coordinators who can help with all of that as well) but beyond that, every single person coming to your wedding will have a myriad of questions. What are the room categories like? How do I get there? How much is it? What airline should I fly? How do I get a passport? How should I pack? Delegating these details to a travel agent is the best way for a bride to focus on what really matters - her Big Day!

3. Anyone going to Disney

    I honestly cannot imagine going to Disney without the aid of a Disney travel agent. The truth is, Disney is a nuanced, complicated place to visit and there are agents out there who not only personally love Disney, but they know everything about it. This includes getting you the best deals, opportunities to see any character you want, matching you with the right resort, and maximizing the serious money you are investing on this vacation to ensure it is absolutely perfect. Because Disney is so complicated and truly should be planned by an expert, I always refer my Disney inquiries to Jessica Jones of MEI Disney. (Contact her here: )

4. Anyone who is overwhelmed with decision paralysis

   The choices involved in travel can be completely overwhelming. A travel agent will be able to narrow down the best flights, accommodation options, and excursions by using their own expertise as well as leveraging the communal knowledge of their coworkers to match you with the right itinerary. Often, people want to take a vacation but don’t know where to start. When they do start, they are quickly overwhelmed by not only the options (which island on Hawaii is the right match for you?), but how to know if they can even trust the information they are finding (one review says this resort is a dream the other says it is a dump. Who can be trusted?). Hiring a travel agent will save you money in the long run because you will avoid making mistakes and end up with a vacation that is, actually, what you wanted all along.

5. Anyone who wants to ensure their vacation actually happens and is actually what they want

    Choosing the right travel agent - one who actually cares about you - guarantees that you are going to get the vacation you want. When I am working with my clients, one of my favorite steps in the process is our consultation call. This is a 20 minute phone conversation (sometimes longer) where I hear your heart about why you want to take the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. I learn your preferences (Food allergies? Strong dislike of crowds? Authentic experience vs touristy one?) as well as why you are taking this vacation and I cater your itinerary to you, specifically. I have yet to put together two itineraries that are identical, because I have yet to find two travelers who are identical (sometimes even within marriages!). Having someone who is invested in your happiness, who is behind the scenes ensuring everything goes smoothly, and whose reputation and livelihood are on the line ensures you are going to get exactly the vacation you are envisioning. 

Still, not everyone is a match for a travel agent. Here are the two people who shouldn’t use one:

1. DIY'ers

  Some of you love the search, don't you? My husband is one of you which means we would probably be great friends, but I might not be the right fit for you as a travel agent. And that's ok! In the past, my husband truly didn't mind the hours and hours that need to be invested in research every option and piecing together every piece of a travel puzzle. (He leaves most of it to me now ;) ) If you love hours of research and a little adventure/risk, then a travel agent might not be the right fit for you!

2. If the most important thing to you is the very lowest price. 

  Travel agents are not bargain shoppers. Our job is, again, to make sure your vacation is what you actually want. Often, what you really want is not in line with the least expensive option. Or, more importantly, the least expensive option isn’t something a travel agent will feel comfortable putting their name behind and sending you to. This is not to say you are going to spend significantly more on your vacation if you use a travel agent, it just means that you are going to spend the appropriate amount to ensure the best experience possible. 

Regardless of where you fit, I truly hope that you make getting out there and seeing the world a priority in 2019!



Could any of your 2019 vacations use a travel agent’s expertise? Let's Connect.

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