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“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

- Susan Sontag - 

Owner, European Specialist

Thanks for stopping by. I'm so excited to meet you!


Hi, I’m Leslie. If you’re here, it means you are likely in the preliminary stages of planning a vacation that is important to you. Congratulations and good for you for choosing to invest in your most precious relationships and create lifelong memories! I have had the privilege of both living overseas and traveling extensively through Europe and the Caribbean, and many of my most precious memories with my husband, daughters, family, and friends have taken place while traveling. My hope is to get to know you and your unique dreams and wishes for your next vacation. By allowing you the freedom to simply enjoy your travel and to be unburdened by the planning and details, I hope to free you to see the magic in the destination you’ve chosen, as well as continue to discover the magic in the people you’ve chosen to see it with.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel see only one page."


- Susan Sontag - 


Travel Advisor

Disney Specialist

Hi, I’m Kati Doyle. I'm the Disney, Florida, & Caribbean specialist here at Exquisite Travel Designs. In planning my family’s first Disney trip, I quickly found out that having a successful and meaningful vacation was going to take expert planning, detailed organization, and hours of research. While many Disney-bound families feel overwhelmed at the prospect of competing for the best dining reservations and fast passes, I found it became a bit of a sport, and I was ready to win! 


Since that first experience at the Magic Kingdom, a passion for helping others beat the overwhelm and have their own magical moments was born.

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